Town of Sparta

Planning Commission Meeting Minutes

August 6, 2018

Call to order: The meeting was called to order by chairman Dean Weibel at 6:00 pm.

Members present: Chairman Dean Weibel, Mike Wegner, Matthew Jenkins and Gene Treu. Jack Buswell was present but was excused due to conflict of interest. Elizabeth Gleiss and Don Mullet were absent.

Approval of minutes: The minutes of the May 1, 2018 meeting were read. Motion made by Gene to approve the May meeting minutes seconded by Matt. Motion carried.


Land Division: Roger Lund requested approval of a Certified Survey Map with a land division on Jackpot Ave into 2 lots. One lot would be 5.0 acres the other the remaining lot would be 28.95 acres of the land. Planning Commission recommends approval.

Adjourn: There being no other business, Gene made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Matt.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:30 pm.