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                                   SPECIAL TOWN MEETING MINUTES

A Special Town Meeting of the residents of the Town of Sparta was held October 11, 2016 at the Sparta Town Hall.  The purpose of this meeting was to address election requirements and procedures, salary issues and the option to change from an elected clerk and an elected treasurer to appointed officers also the option to combine the two offices. 

As Town Chair of the Sparta Town Board, Howard Garves chaired the Special Town Meeting which began at 7:00 PM.  26 Town Residents attended the meeting.

Howard explained the election requirements and the procedures for Town Board Supervisors ant the Town Officers.  Handouts were available showing past and current salaries and job descriptions of Town Board members and Town Officers.

The first discussion concerned election vs appointment of Town Officers, also the option to combine the two positions.  Most generally the residents favored keeping the election of officers.  Motion was made by Jeanne Choutka and seconded by Marcia Kast to keep the positions of Town Officers (Town Clerk and Town Treasurer) as two separate elected positions.  Motion Carried.

The next discussion concerned salaries for Town Board Chairman and Supervisors and Town Officers.  Motion by Cedric Schnitzler and a second by Clarence Justin to form a committee to evaluate the salaries of all positions.  Motion Carried.  The committee will report to the Town Board at a special town board meeting at 7:00 PM Tuesday, November 01, 2016 at the Sparta Town Hall.  The volunteers for the committee are these:  Cedric Schnitzler, Fred Hammes, Bill June, Clarence Justin, and Jeanne Choutka.

Motion by Howard and a second by Clarence Justin to adjourn the special town meeting at 8:08 PM.  Motion Carried.                 




 Any questions about your assessment can be directed to Town Assessor Ian Holloway at any time.  608-374-4207.


At the 2013 Annual Meeting, the electors voted to elect town positions by open primary (written nominations) instead of the caucus method previously used by the Town of Sparta.

Candidates for Town of Sparta positions must circulate nomination papers and gather signatures from Town of Sparta residents.

December 01, 2016 is the first day for candidates to circulate nomination papers for the Spring Election held April , 2017.  Nomination papers must be returned to the Town Clerk no later than Tuesday, January 03, 2017 at 5:00 PM.

Nomination papers may be obtained from theTown Clerk by calling 608-269-6651.