Welcome to the Town of Sparta

E-Mail: spartatownship@centurytel.net

The next monthly Town of Sparta Board meeting is Tuesday May 8, 2018 at 7:00 pm

 On the May agenda there will be a motion to change the meetings to start at 6:00 pm.

The Town Hall office will be open on Mondays 7 – 11 am.

Any questions about your assessment can be directed to Town Assessor Ian Holloway at any time.  608-374-4207.

For Building Permits contact Randy Sullivan at 608-487-1514.

For a Driveway Permit contact chairperson Kevin Raymer.

For a new address assignment – see Forms and Permits – Address Request Form. Send completed form with $75 check for Town of Sparta and $15 check for Monroe County Sanitation & Zoning.

With Winter in Wisconsin we also have road issues.  Please remember the Sparta Township has 70 miles of road to maintain.  We have two patrolmen to keep the roads open-to plow the snow, to spread the sand/salt mixture and then to scrape away the mess.  Please be patient.  The patrolmen are doing their best to keep the roads safe.  Please stay alert, make good choices, drive slow and brake early.