Building and Driveway Permits

The State of Wisconsin requires all towns to have a building inspector when their population reaches 2500 and we are well over that number. Consult building inspector Randy Sullivan for agricultural or residential building projects, no matter the size. He will determine needed permits.

Just a reminder - a building permit is required on any construction over $2000 and must be inspected by a certified inspector upon completion. The Town of Sparta also requires that a dumpster be obtained to adequately dispose of waste materials for new home construction and major remodeling projects.

Randy Sullivan - 608-269-5858 cell 608-487-1514

All Structures 100 square feet or larger need a zoning permit from Monroe County Zoning Department before you come to the Town Clerk or the building inspector (Randy Sullivan), regardless of the type of structure. Additions of any kind on any type of structure have the same requirements.

If your property is within the extra-territorial district, you will need a zoning permit from the City of Sparta.

Building Inspector

Randy Sullivan . . . 608-269-5858(office) 608-487-1514(cell)

Driveway Permits

For a Driveway Permit, contact chairperson Kevin Raymer 608-633-3944

Address Application

Please complete the Address Application Form below for a new address assignment.

New Address Application Form

Address Replacement form

Send completed form with $75 check payable to Town of Sparta and $15 check payable to Monroe County Sanitation & Zoning to:
Town of Sparta
5724 Hamlet Ave
Sparta, WI 54656