Recycling & Garbage Information

The Recycling Center is located between the Town Shop (corner of Hamlet and Hamilton) and the Town Hall – 5724 Hamlet Avenue.

Hours at the Recycling Center

Tuesday 10 – noon
Thursday 3 – 6PM
Saturday 8AM – 2PM

What items are accepted for recycling?

PLASTICS – with caps and lids removed.

PAPER – newspaper, cardboard, brown grocery bags, magazines and mixed paper, junk mail, cereal boxes, glossy ads and envelopes. NO TISSUE PAPER, PAPER TOWELING OR WAX PAPER.

GLASS – bottles and jars only with caps and lids removed, food removed thoroughly. NO WINDOW GLASS, LIGHT BULBS, OR CERAMIC DISHES.


You must show your Town of Sparta window decal for access to the Town Trash/Recycling Center.

Tires can be brought to the recycling center for a fee.

Large items like couches, chairs, mattresses and demolition material need to be taken to:
Modern Disposal System
200 Hemstock Drive
Monday - Friday
608-269-2789 - call for pricing

We do not accept any ELECTRONICS.
Electronics go to Solid Waste Management
20448 Junco Rd, Norwalk
608-269-8783 - call for fees
7 AM – 1 PM during the last full week of the month.

We can not accept any brush, grass clippings, concrete, or bricks.

We do not accept hazardous waste such as lawn chemicals, household cleaners, insect sprays, paints, medications, compact fluorescent bulbs, waste oil and oil filters, antifreeze, rechargeable batteries, helium and LP tanks refrigerators, air conditioners, micro waves, lithium and button batteries, etc. Monroe County Solid Wast Management will accept these items on the last Saturday in April or the first Saturday in October. Contact them at 608-269-8783.

For private pickup (and additional billing) contact Modern Disposal Systems — 608-269-2789.